"Raging Inferno"

The Wildest Exhibition Show you will ever see... Street Legal Jet Powered Fire Truck that does the following:

  • Spectacular Smoke Show from the Roof and rear of J-34 Jet Engine, reflecting in the Special LED Flashing Lighting.
  • Fire Show from the Middle of the Fire Truck shooting in the air (see video below).
  • Jet Melt Down Show....7,000 pounds of Thrust from a J-34 Jet Engine that will Melt Cars, & Motorhomes to the Ground. The Thunder of the Burner Pop and Bang Bangs will blow people away.
  • Gives Rides before the Show. Holds up to 13 Riders at a time.
  • Street Legal, so once it arrives in town it is off loaded and can Drive to Displays, TV Stations, Radio Stations, Special Promotions.
  • Hauler Custom Painted Tractor and Trailer Candy Apple Red for a Professional Look.